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AUTOLOK® Curing Press Data
Type:Twin-cavity platen all radial with both sectional mold and two-
piece split mold capability, and prepared to accept SMO field kit
Bladder Mechanism:BT System (Patent Pending)
Loader:Individual, Swing-in style precision with 6 shoe contact (Patent Pending)
Unloader:Fork type unloader. Carries tires from the press to a cooling conveyor or station.
Does not require exit conveyor.
General Capacities
Max press closing force385,000 Lbs.
Max mold O.D.1219 mm (48")
Min mold thickness228 mm (9")
Max mold thickness460 mm (18")
Max internal pressure28.8 kg/cm2 (410 psi)
Max. shaping pressure1.0 kg/cm2 (15 psi) for Seg. Molds
2.0 kg/cm2 (30 PSI) for 2 pc molds
Bead diameter rangeLoader 13"-18" or 14"-19" or 15"-20"
Press 12"-20"
Max green tire height508 mm (20")
Min green tire height254 mm (10")
Max green tire O.D.990 mm (39")
Max cured tire O.D.1016 mm (40")
Max green tire height41 kg (90 lbs)
Max top half mold weight2,500 kg (5,500 lbs.)
Nom. stripping force5,000 kg (11,000 lbs.)
Top platen dia.1212 mm (47.75")
Bottom platen dia.1194 mm (47.00")
Bladder Mechanism:Hydraulic oil
Mold Squeeze:Hydraulic oil
Press Lift:Hydraulic oil
Performance Data
Concentricity from top to bottom Platen registers:±.127mm (±.005")
Repeatability of above:±.0127mm (±.0005")
Platen parallelism:.333mm/m (.004"/ft.)
Max. Bolster Deflection:.500mm (.020")
Bolster Flatness:±.025mm (±.001")
Repeatability of Press Squeeze:±3%
Loader to Press Concentricity:±.127mm (±.005")
Repeatability of above:±.127mm (±.005")
Due to the continuous research and improvement program, data presented is subject to change without notice.

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